Review Tevo Little Monster

On this delta printer I like most of the selected components. The decision to use a flying extruder is quite good.


Electric components

In this chapter the electrical components are discussed.


Type: Replica of E3D volcano hotend


Type: Replica of E3D titan extrud

Heating plate

Voltage: 220V

Power: 300W

The heating plate is powered over a solid state relais. This solid state relais is controled by the cotroller board.

The problem of the heating plate is that in the core the temperature is much higher than at the edge.


Type: MKS Sbase v1.3

Stepper driver: DRV8825 (32 microsteps activated)

Software: Smoothieware

Power supply

Type: S-500-24

AC input: 110/220 V

DC output: 24V 21A

The installed fan on the power supply run constantly.

Stepper motors

Type: 17HD40005-22B

Stepping angle:  1.8°

Rated current: 1.68A

Resistance per phase: 1,65 Ω

Rated voltage: 2,8 V

Mechanical components

In this chapter the mechanical components are discussed.

Delta Arms

Length: 397mm


Guide Type: wheel

Material: POM


Gear factor:


In my opinion the biggest problem of the printer are the stepper driver DRV8825 because they are realy loud and have a realy bad step accuracy.

Good on the printer ist the huge building space and the possibility to upgrade the printer to a better one.


How the printer can be upgraded will come soon!

Some points will be:

- Enclosure
- Advanced motor driver
- OctoPrint